Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Good evening boys and girls :)

As I promissed myself,I will try to write down something I did not cook so the part with the food will be skipped :) My beloved man had a meeting and dinner in the city so I had the whole evening for myself(and of course for Maya:P) So, I took my backpack and went to the gym ( for those who don't know it, sport is good and healthy ;)) I left there ( I mean at the gym) some calories, but not as many as I was dreaming to leave :P While I was strugelling to run at least 4km I was thinking about the times when I was in school and I was playing volleyball....Damn I miss those times...and I also miss my good old friends. You, reader, should know something about me: I am currently living in Austria , I am a student in a terminal year and ......that's it :) oh! ye! I am from another country , that's why I am saying that I miss my old friends. All my life I've been surrounded by boys,they were always my best friends, except for 2 or 3 girls which never disapointed me. I used to be the one they called when they had a problem of any type.....but now I am far away;ofcourse there is YM , Skype and cellphones but I really feel it's not the same....Enought! I refuse to get u bored with some stupid toughts :) Where was I? A,yes....I was talking about my evening :) after spending one hour and a half at the gym I realised I also have to walk the dog,so, instead of comming home and take a shower I got in the car and went to a park with Maya( I forgot to say that Maya comes with me at the gym but she has to wait in the car:))) I'm so tired right now that I have to keep on ridding the upper line to see what I was talking about :)))I think I should take a looooong bath.....yep,that's what I am going to do :) so people,see you later or,if not, tomorrow :)

Down here you have one more painting.Let me know your opinion abot it :)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What we had for dinner.....

As I said in my first post I'm going to write here whatever I feel like :) U know why?!? Because I caaaaaaan :))) Right now I am just like a spoiled kid happy that my man enjoyed the meal and that I will probably get something for being such a goooood cooker :) The meal was perfect for dinner:easy to cook and light for the stomach----Chinese chicken with rice. Here u have my recipe (for 2 portions):

300g chicken breast sliced in thin piece
2 little spoons of lemon juice
1 little spoon of sugar
1 little spoon of soja sauce(u can find it in any food shop)
some basilikum,salt and peppermint
2 small spoons of Chinese spice (u have a picture of the package down on the page;)

First of all Put the rice to boil. If u happen to have a rice cooker it s perfect to use it,if not u can put the rice in a pot , add some water and some salt and boil it for 10-12 min.
Meanwhile, u can start to prepare the chicken :)
Take a pan, put a little bit of oil or butter and add the chicken . Let it cook for around 4 min then add the lemon juice, some basilikum and peppermint, salt and if u like the food to be spicy you can add some chilly powder. Let it cook for another 3-4min and use this time to prepare the sauce: in a small bawl put the Chinese condiment,add 150ml of water,the soja sauce and the sugar;mix it then pour it over the meat in the pan. Turn the cooking machine on a lower level and let it cook for another 6-7min,until the sauce turns brownish.
Served with some sliced tomatoes with aceto balsamico, this meal is a delight :)

PS: U have down here some pictures, so u can get an idea about the cooking result ;) I may not be the Chef in the house but this reaaaally is tasty :P

this is the spice u have to buy from the market :) depending on the country,the name may vary

My Honey Bunny is actually a......DOG :))))

U know, I really love bunnies :) But I adore dogs.Therefore, my honey bunny and sweathart is my Westie, Maya. She was born on the 7th of July 2007 and has arrived in our little family (it's only me,my fiancee and maya:P) since 5th of December 2007. For those who don't own a dog, try it!!! it's reeaaally great :) A dog can make u smile when e outside is raiverything around is falling apart and it definitly takes u out of the house even ifning (mummmyyy I have to peeeee---u learn to understand the look in their eyes and, even if it sounds stupid , u kind of feel like they are talking to u) . The Westies heritage is Scottish and, once bred to hunt in the briar, they're feisty, hearty, and free-spirited. Their enthusiasm and charm have won them a place in the hearts of many around the world. Maya is the same: full of energy,lovely and spreading love around her.The only problem we have with her is that she is to friendly to everyone and I am afraid that maybe one day she will go away with some stranger if I don't pay enought attention.But, since she's my baby, I take good care of her I hope that day will never come:) For those who are interested in this dogs u can get more infos here:

Maya when she was 5 months

First Hair cut

Maya in last week(she definitly needs her hair cut )

Since I started...

Today I really don't feel like doing anything....It's just one of those grey days.....last week it used to snow but now it's just greeeeey....and I hate that! It makes me feel angry and bored and cuts down all my apatite for painting or reading or anything else.... so guys, what do u do on this kind of days? U know, this is the weather that makes u wanna stay in the house,count your money and exercise for making kids :)))) hmm....maybe I shouldn't be so angry after all:)))
Earlier,I was talking to one of my best friends.He's living in Amsterdam and as he told me the weather is pretty much the same like here.....grey.....I really wish I was faaaar away,in a place with hot sand and warm watter....hmm...dreaming with my eyes open :P
Enough about the Bad Colour.... Here u have a painting.....the name is "2"......i'm waiting for comments :)

Wow! my first time :)))

Sounds pretty stupid actually but I feel pretty silly writing,until this all "first time feeling" goes away , just smile along with me and visit this blog again later on. I won't make any promisses about My Honey Bunny blog because it will be a mixed-up blog....just to express myself :) U will probably see some pics and I'm going to ask for some opinions about some paintings... Let's hope this will turn out to be a preeeetty good ideea :)
until next time..... Kisses and hugs :*